“You Are About To Discover How A Series of Serendipitous Events Led To The Rediscovery of The Most Closely-Guarded Fitness Secrets And Highly Nutritious Recipes From One Of The Greatest Bodybuilders In The World.”

Dear Friends,

It's true. Right now, there are hundreds (or more) companies willing to pay $20 to $50 or more simply for your name and address so they can market their nutritional products to you.

And on top of being targeted, you are being misled. Now I won't go as far as saying that you are being lied to... I'll put it nicely and say that you are being ‘marketed' to.

Hundreds, even thousands, of health, nutrition, diet, and
product companies are targeting you to get your attention.

They all want you to buy their products, supplements, books, courses, DVDs, workout machines, and gadgets.

Advertorials (A combination of an advertisement and an editorial piece) are scattered throughout many trusted health magazines and websites.

It is getting tougher and tougher to know who to believe, what supplements to take, and what foods to eat.

It is no wonder why personal trainers and nutrition coaches are becoming more and more sought after. The marketplace has become so confused because of all of the marketing.

But one has to also question where trainers and nutrition coaches are getting their information. Is it from clever marketing materials or from truly unbiased studies?

Look. I am here to help you. And how I plan on doing so may surprise you. But first, please allow me to introduce myself.


My name is George Helmer.

Although you may have never heard of my name, I have been involved in and accomplished a lot in the health and fitness industry over the past 30 years.

If you have not heard of me, there is no doubt that you have heard of (or seen) one of my close friends and business partners.

I'll introduce him in a moment, but first, let's talk about you.

I understand that you are interested in nutrition, better health, healthy recipes, building muscle, and fitness. And by now you may have heard the buzz about our new cookbook.

It is important for you to understand that the book you are about to learn about is far from just another cookbook you see on the bookshelves. In fact, it is so much more than any cookbook you have ever seen.

This book will change the way you think about fitness and nutrition. At the same time, it will allow you to get a glimpse into the lives of one of the most extraordinary human beings ever to walk this planet.

Before we begin, I kindly ask that you take the next few minutes to learn about my personal journey and the seemingly unrelated events that unfolded for me over the years. Without any of these events, this information and cookbook would have never been made available to the public.

To begin, it makes the most sense for me to start off with…

“The Cardboard Boxes”

The Cardboard Boxes

Many years had passed since I touched a pile of boxes that lined my guest room closet.

Boxes that contained pictures, letters, books, trophies, and other miscellaneous items from the life of a modern day hero.

Those who saw these taped up boxes thought nothing of them. After all, they were nothing out of the ordinary on the outside besides the word “KEEP” I had written on them with a black marker.

To everyone else, these were just plain old boxes that had the battle scars of being moved around multiple times.

The tape was coming off in a few places and there were a few tears on the sides. Ordinary boxes to some – but boxes that truly meant the world to me.

These boxes came into my procession from a gentleman who, in a lot of ways, laid the foundation for the multi-billion dollar health and nutrition industries we all know of today.

And this man was a gentleman in all sense of the word. He was someone whom I truly admired and wanted to be like when I saw him in the movies for the first time when I was twelve years old. He was a modern day hero that, in many ways, shaped our society and changed the way we all thought about fitness and nutrition.

Now I know some may find it odd that I've kept these boxes with me over the years – and even more odd that they remained unopened. But I had my reasons.

“I'm A Very Fortunate Man”

I'm A Very Fortunate Man

I not only got to meet my childhood hero, I had the opportunity to really get to know him, and become great friends with him.

This man inspired millions of people – and I was one of them. I was one of many who wanted to be just like him.

And who was this star?

His name was Steve Reeves, but many of you may know him as Hercules.

The awards and achievements Steve accomplished were nothing short of extraordinary, especially considering that these were long before the drug era in bodybuilding and many years ahead of the mainstream fitness and nutritional supplement craze.

Just to give you an idea...

  • Steve received the President's Council on Physical Fitness Award, which was presented by Captain James A. Lovell, Apollo Astronaut for the While House
  • 1946 he was Mr. Pacific Coast
  • 1947 he was Mr. Western America
  • 1947 he was Mr. America
  • 1948 he was Mr. World
  • 1950 he was Mr. Universe
  • Starred in 15 films over a 10-year span (including Hercules)
  • Inventor and creator of PowerWalking
  • Author of “PowerWalking, Building the Classic Physique – The Natural Way”, and “Dynamic Muscle Building”

Now if someone told me that one day Steve Reeves and I would become close friends and business partners, I would have told them that they were crazy. Why would such an icon ever want to work with or be friends with someone like me?

However, throughout a series of events over the years (as you will learn in the cookbook), I did just that. I had the extreme pleasure of becoming a close friend and business partner with Steve for 13 years.

While the chain of events that unfolded over the years to connect Steve and I together are incredible, the events that I am about to share with you over the next few minutes still send shivers down my spine.

“A Serendipitous Chain of Events”

A Serendipitous Chain of Events

We all know that one single phone call can completely alter the course of direction in our lives. The call may be from a friend, a family member, a stranger, or even a business associate.

Personally, I have had a handful of these calls over the years. But it was one recent one that came in a few months ago that stands above the rest.

When the phone rang, I was in the middle of outlining some new content for the Steve Reeves International Society, which I am the President of.

The phone call led me to the closet in my guest room to pull out some files and photos the individual on the other line needed quickly for a project that we were working on together.

As I pulled out the plastic container of files, one of the cardboard boxes I discussed earlier slipped off the top and fell down onto the floor.

The years of moving and peeling tape showed its age as the box hit the floor and all of the contents spilled out.

Frustrated, I grabbed the files that I needed and went back into my office.

About half an hour later, my call was over and I walked into the guest room to find that my wife had picked up the contents of the box and neatly stacked everything onto the bed. It was right then and there that I decided to drop everything that I was doing and. . .

“I Made The Decision To Walk Down Memory Lane”

I Made The Decision To Walk Down Memory Lane

I had no choice: I was working on creating new content for the Steve Reeves International website. I received a phone call about some old photographs of Steve. I went to check to see what I had, and when I did one of the boxes full of Steve's items came crashing to the floor. I took the hint.

I walked over to the bed, sat down, and began to look through the piles of magazines, papers, photographs, files, books, postcards, and other items that I never took the time to sit down and go through.

As I read the old letters, postcards, and hand-written notes, I felt an overwhelming sense of peace. A sense of excitement also went through me as I was holding items that really were pieces of history in my hands.

Items that directly or indirectly helped shape the modern day health, wellness, and fitness industries we all know so well today.

With my newfound courage and excitement, I decided to open another box. Then another. Nearly four hours had passed when I found something that completely stopped me in my tracks. Written on the inside the front over of a book was…

“A Recipe”

A Recipe

But not just any recipe. A recipe that was followed to the T and eaten daily to help sculpt a body unlike anything anyone had ever seen before.

Over the years, during many of my conversations with Steve, we would talk about proper diet, nutrition, and fitness. After all, that was Steve's life, his entire being. And food was always one of the topics we discussed.

But the actual recipes Steve created to build an amazing physique were not always one of the main topics of discussion.

Further digging into the contents of the box lead me to a notebook full of additional hand-written recipes.

I was excited, as I knew exactly what I had found. I found the exact recipes that were directly responsible for turning the unknown Steve Reeves into a Hollywood star and modern day Superhero. An icon. Mr. Pacific West Coast. Mr. Western America. Mr. World. Mr. Universe.

Over the next few days, I combed through all of the contents of the boxes and was able to find many recipes that Steve Reeves ate daily throughout his life.

Recipes that enabled him to sculpt a body that turned heads, landed him star roles in Hollywood, and win multiple fitness competitions. Before steroids. Before supplements. Before the global fitness craze and tens of thousands of pills, lotions, and potions that now crowd the marketplace.

Now these recipes are not only for helping you pack on muscle, they are also to help you maintain your current weight.

The proof of that is found in the many calendars and date books we have where Steve documented his weight for years after his bodybuilding days. Every few days he weighed himself and documented his results for years.

His weight rarely fluctuated.

“Hunting For Recipe Gold”

Hunting For Recipe Gold

I knew there had to be more recipes besides what I had found in the boxes and I was determined to find them.

I had spoken to Aline Reeves, who was Steve's wife. During our many conversations through the years, she provided me with great insight into Steve and the foods he ate.

For over a decade, I did in-depth interviews with Steve about his life which delved deeply into his fitness and nutrition expertise. I was also privileged to have many great meals with Steve at his ranch and on the road where I saw him put his advice into practice.

Then I reached out to Deborah Stewart, Steve's former living companion, who supplied me with the actual menu cards Steve wrote out at his ranch.

Finally, I had great conversations with Sandra Smith (Schakel), Steve's first wife, who supplied me with additional menu items and recipes during their marriage.

Between the information I gathered from my conversations with everyone above, my own experiences, the recipes I found in the boxes, I now had many recipes and the full day-to-day meal plans Steve ate.

Collectively, the public has never seen these meal plans and recipes. The small handful of people that knew part of these recipes either knew Steve personally or were A-level Hollywood Actors.

There is no doubt that these recipes will change the way you eat, or at the very least, enhance how and what you eat now.

At the end of the day, the Steve Reeves Cookbook will help you...

“Lay The Foundation And Get Back To Basics”

Lay The Foundation And Get Back To Basics

We have all become so overwhelmed with information when it comes to diet, food, nutrition, bodybuilding, and fitness. There are now thousands of different supplements, diets, programs, steroids, and workouts with new programs coming out daily.

Let's face it. We are inundated with creative marketing for the latest protein bars, powders, pills, drinks, diets, and supplements, which all provide us with tens of millions of choices combined.

Where do we even begin? How do we continue? Which direction do we go?

The answers are simple. We get back to basics. It's that simple and the Hercules Cookbook will help you lay the foundation you need today for a healthy tomorrow and beyond.

It doesn't matter if you are trying to gain muscle, build a better physique, become healthier, learn about long forgotten nutritious foods and recipes, or if you want to maintain the weight and muscle mass you have now, the Steve Reeves Hercules Cookbook will help you.

Think about this for a moment...None of the tens of thousands of supplements that crowd the market today existed when Steve Reeves “Hercules” sculpted a perfect physique that was nearly unheard of or seen during his time.

Do you really need everything that you are currently taking – or have you jumped onto the supplement bandwagon like millions of others?

In this day and age, it is more important than ever that we get back to basics and build the foundation to our health and fitness first.

After all, you can either spend years reading about what to do and testing out all of the latest and greatest recipes, diets, or products – or you can spend a few hours reading this cookbook and have the foundation you need to move forward for life. Introducing...

“The Steve Reeves Hercules Cookbook”

The Steve Reeves Hercules Cookbook

The new Steve Reeves Hercules Cookbook is packed with photos, insider stories about Steve Reeves, and of course, his favorite recipes.

Inside, you will have instant access to incredible information about nutrition, health, fitness, and so much more that you will never find anywhere else.

  • Learn about the 3 forgotten books from the 40's and 60's that Steve used to put together his plan… that is just as relevant today as they were back then
  • Find out about how I found Steve's personal copies of these books and how I noticed that he underlined several vital sections. You will learn exactly what he underlined and the page numbers for easy reference
  • Steve's exact 100% natural “Competition Diet” he ate each day when he was training for competitions. Full breakfast, snacks, lunch, and dinners down to the exact measurement of each ingredient
  • Discover a little-talked about liquid that Steve drank daily with nearly every meal and swore by
  • Ultra-fast muscle building secrets: Discover the framework of the never-before-revealed muscle building diet and foods Steve ate that allowed him to gain 19 pounds of muscle in a three week period (Privately, this was referred to the Mr. Universe Diet)
  • You'll get the full recipes for meals like: the muscle-building omelet, hamburger steaks, Pompeii garlic chicken, steak, the Hercules salad, side dishes and yes, even desserts
  • Home-Cooked Meals: Find out the exact foods Steve prepared and ate at his ranch
  • Specific seasonal recipes such as cold weather dishes and hot weather meals
  • How to cook meats and poultry the Hercules way
  • Access over 32 forgotten highly-nutritious recipes you will not find anywhere else
  • Discover the types of sandwiches Steve ate for many lunches
  • Learn about the six food groupings of bodybuilding ingredients Steve developed and consumed daily
  • Banned food: There was one type of food that Steve would totally stay away from – and many of you reading this letter are consuming this 2, 3, or even 4 times per day without thinking twice about it
  • Learn how Steve became a master of his own body to change his body, muscle mass, and physique at will

While acting, Steve found that some films required different body builds than others. He learned how to combine the workouts and foods to gain or lose weight very quickly.

For example, when Steve was asked why he was thinner in one of his movies, he said that his screen character was to run 26 miles in the film and it would not look correct to see a Hercules physique doing that in the film.

The same goes for the film, ‘A Long Ride From Hell”, an Italian Western. Steve said that cowboys were lean and mean, not full of muscle, so Steve adjusted his body to reflect that through nutrition and exercise.

This is the first book to explore and reveal the Hercules approach to fitness. It's based on sound ideas that have stood the test of time. The photos enrich the book and make it a collectible… But the wisdom is in the recipes. Steve Reeves knew how to get fit through food. This book reveals how he did it. Joe Vitale

I've been a fan of Steve Reeves for well over a decade. I have his gym, his car, and his clothes – but not his body. While I don't have the genetics to be over six feet tall, I can be healthier and stronger, and so can you. I can achieve my fitness goals and so can you. What Reeves did to improve his body is something we both can do.

Today's health nuts can take a lesson or two from the greatest bodybuilder of all time – Hercules himself.

- Joe Vitale

“These Recipes And Information Took A Lifetime To Compile and Master”

These Recipes And Information Took A Lifetime To Compile and Master

It took Steve a lifetime to find the perfect balance of the right foods and meals.

Between all of the interviews, personal conversations, observations, and the countless books, notebooks, and photographs we uncovered, you will have instant access to everything in one book.

Everything has been compiled in a way that everyone, no matter what your fitness level is, can get a lot out of.

Whether you are just starting out, you are a bodybuilder, an athlete, runner, you want to get or keep a toned body, or you are looking for a long-term nutritious eating lifestyle you can stick with, the Steve Reeve Hercules Cookbook is for you.

Although this took a lifetime to master and then months of us digging and sorting through all of the information, you will have access to everything in an ebook that you can go through within just a couple of hours.

Unlike many other ebooks that you read once and let sit on your hard drive or delete, this ebook is an instant classic because there are dozens of pages that you will refer to time and time again.

We encourage you to print this out and try all of Steve's favorite recipes and foods. Everyone who we have shared them with loves them and we are confident that you will too.

“Special Introductory One-Time Offer”

Special Introductory One-Time Offer

Because this is a brand new release and because of the upcoming Anniversary of the Steve Reeves International Foundation, we are taking $10 off your order today. But you will need to act fast.

This introductory pricing will not last long and is your one and only opportunity to get your own copy of the Steve Reeves Hercules Cookbook at a steep discount.

When we officially launch this ebook to the public, the price will be $49.95. You are saving $10 today and you will get instant access to the Steve Reeves Hercules Cookbook today for just $39.95.

Here is how to order:

  • I'm excited to be one of the first to access the Steve Reeves Hercules Cookbook and learn from one of the greatest bodybuilders of all time.
  • I understand that because I am one of the first, I can take advantage of the special introductory offer and take $10 off today.
  • I understand that I will have instant access to the ebook for just $39.95 today.

Your credit statment will show a charge by CLKBANK*COM

Remember, the Steve Reeves Hercules Cookbook is so much more than a cookbook. It is packed with rare photos of Steve, insight, and stories about one of the greatest bodybuilders of all time.

Steve Reeves was a hero. An icon. And a role model to many. He will inspire you to become better, fitter, and live an even healthier lifestyle than you do now. My hope is that after you put this ebook down, you will also have a true sense of who Steve Reeves was.

He influenced millions towards fitness during his time – and there is not one doubt in my mind that he will, in one form or another, be a positive influence for you as well.

Thank you for your time and your order today.

George Helmer Joe Vitale

PS - You have to be responsible for you. You know your own body better than anyone else, including the thousands of nutritional companies screaming to get your attention daily. The first step to ANY nutritional program, fitness program, or muscle-building program is laying the foundation, which is simply the foods you eat daily. The Steve Reeves Hercules Cookbook will help you lay the foundation you need to advance your nutrition and fitness to any level you desire.

Dr. Joe Vitale
Member BBB 2003-

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